In Swedish reality show ‘MONTAZAMIS MED VÄNNER’ Maria is often seen wearing some of my clothes. On episode 5 she comes and see me at my ateljé in Helsingborg, to try on and choose some new dresses. Needless to say it was a very special day when she came with the tv crew… Here some pictures from the ‘behind the scene’.

Tv-program description: Montazami with friends, Swedish entertainment from 2013.
Maria Montazami has long dreamed of living in Sweden one day. Now her dream comes true: she brings the whole family Montazami for a whole Summer to the Swedish West Coast. In ‘Montazami with friends’ Maria invites various Swedish celebrities that she is curious to meet – and some celebrities that she doesn’t even know. Yet. Maria Montazami ‘spice up’ her house (with the occasional tassel) and offer many unforgettable expressions that only she can.