About E.Malla.S

Swedish brand E.MallaS. creates exclusively one edition clothing for each design, featuring quality fabrics from all around the world and celebrating individuality. Each dress is adorned with an exclusively numbered pendant in genuine silver.

Made by hand & heart, E.MallaS. is focused on confident women who dare to be unique: you can choose from the vast collection available and then have it tailored to your body shape for a perfect fit, or you could have one made by order.

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Malin Hedlund
Malin HedlundFashion Designer
‘The brand’s name E.MallaS. comes from ‘Exquisite MallaSockertopp’ — which is what my mother used to call me when I was a little girl. Let me create your exclusive dress according to your wishes or consulted by me.’

Some of my highlights

One of my favorite dresses is actually a very simple and comfortable “ wear it anytime” model, but the pattern, the variation of green colours and white flowers took me right to Spring season, where everything awakes. Also, it was the opening dress to a Fashionshow I had in the woods in 2012, in the Spring. Everything was fresh, green, happy and newborn. See the dress.
Definitely my first Fashionshow! It was the first time I showed everyone what I´ve been working on behind “locked doors” and I was soo worried that people would react negatively. I felt totally naked in public! Click here to watch!
Actually I think I´m a ‘fabricholic’. When I see a fabric that appeals to me, I immediately get a vision of the dress I want to create. I imagine how to cut and how to puzzle the pieces together and then get right into cutting. The process continues in a very eclectic way. I try different innovative solutions untill the content feeling occurs. I always vision the next dress before  I am done with the current.
I´m very interested in motions and composition in all fashion and art. Inspired of beauty I see in objects, thoughts and excperiences. My passion is to design and create the 1 Edition dresses that I vision.

For The Confident, Free, Tough and Romantic Ones.

E.MallaS. engender for the women who dare to be unique! It’s a most personal affair.

To the dresses!

E.MallaS. has a wide selection of beautiful dresses!

Click here to browse through the dresses I have made so far!
To the dresses!